Usher’s Ex On Son’s Near-Drowning: ‘How Did This Happen?’ Usher V released from hospital, pictured playing with dad.

%name Ushers Ex On Sons Near Drowning: How Did This Happen? Usher V released from hospital, pictured playing with dad.


The day after her son with (Usher was released from an Atlanta hospital following a life-threatening pool accident, Tameka Foster Raymond spoke out about the incident on “Good Morning America.”

“I was mad because I was like,’ how did this happen?'” Foster Raymond said. “Who was watching him? Why was my son under water for nearly three minutes?”

Usher Raymond V, who landed in the ICU after nearly drowning while trying to retrieve a toy from a pool drain, “is going to be just fine,” a source close to Usher told People magazine. The 5-year-old was reportedly sitting up, smiling and eating in his hospital bed just days after the accident, which took place while Usher was not at home.

Foster said she was at a dental appointment when Usher called to tell her about the near drowning. And, because her ex doesn’t call her very often, she immediately grabbed her phone, figuring that the singer was calling to discuss their children. A year after her 11-year-old son from a different marriage died in a Jet skiing accident, Foster Raymond said she feared the worst.

“It was like I re-lived it … my brain went into all those modes,” she said about the call from Usher. “I even said on the phone, ‘I’ve had this call before … I didn’t blame [Usher] for it. I was just angry that It happened on his watch. Because while accidents happen, never have my children been injured on my watch.”

Foster Raymond attempted to regain temporary custody
 of the divorced couple’s son last week in an emergency hearing on the matter, but the judge in the case sided with the singer, who retains primary custody
 of Raymond V and younger brother Naviyd.

Though the judge didn’t grant her request, Foster Raymond told “GMA” she’d like “first right of refusal,” so that when the frequently traveling Grammy-winner is not home, the children will be with their mother, and not a nanny or caretaker. Another hearing is scheduled at the end of the month where Foster will seek more time with her children.

Usher posted a photo on Tuesday night of a smiling Raymond V playing Connect Four with him, the child’s right arm in a blue bandage. Foster Raymond said Raymond V is expected to return to school on Wednesday.

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