“Stop Crying; Go Get A Job” Ruggedman Blasts Mode 9

Ruggedy and Mode 9 “Stop Crying; Go Get A Job” Ruggedman Blasts Mode 9


I can sense another rap war in the offing after top Nigerian rapper Ruggedman told his contemporary, Mode 9 to stop crying about how no one cares about style of music, to change his style or go get a job if he cannot do music that people will love and appreciate. Mode 9 who, in the past, won prestigious awards including Headies Award for Lyricist on the Roll consecutively for six years, has been finding it difficult to break into the main stream of the music business, what with new and younger acts like Vector the Viper, Iceberg Slim and Phyno coming up and holding the stage and he says this has had to do with fans not appreciating his music. Ruggedman who was talking on a breakfast radio show recently, said; “Mode 9 is not the only one that does the non-commercial kind of rap. Basically, if you are an entertainer, you can’t do music for yourself; that’s why you are an entertainer. People are made to entertain are not entertained, you should do one of two things… get another job or adapt; am not saying this to be funny or anything. If something is not working anymore, the least you can do is trying and adapt to what’s up. Even in America, at a point it, was all Eastside, then Westside, you can’t do anything about it; if you can’t shape up, you shape out.” I hope this is not another “Ehen” era where Ruggedman used his diss song on Eedris Abdulkareem to climb to where he is now.

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