Madt Collabo! Wale records with D’banj, Don Jazzy, Olamide

US rapper Wale Dbanj Olamide Kay Switch were present in Don Jazzys Mavin HQ as they collaborated on a song 600x600 300x300 Madt Collabo! Wale records with D’banj, Don Jazzy, Olamide


US rapper Wale, D’banj, Olamide, Kay Switch were present in Don Jazzy’s Mavin HQ as they collaborated on a song. Photo: Instagram

Wale Folarin who is currently in Nigeria, was pictured last night in the Mavin Headquarters where he met up with Don Jazzy and recorded a song with D’banj and Olamide.

A picture taken while the recording was going on shows the US rapper, D’banj, Olamide, Kay Switchstaring closely into the screens while Don Jazzy handles the track production. Others who witnessed the monster collaboration were Storm Records’ Tola Odunsi, Trace Nigeria’s Phil Nwankwo (who made the link up) and Don Jazzy’s father.

Social media has gone bonkers especially Instagram with Don Jazzy, Olamide, Kay Swtich and many others reposting the photo. It’s certainly not just because Wale is in the studio that has got everyone hyped up. This is the first time in over 20 months since Don Jazzy and D’banj will be seen in the studio together, working.

The pair who parted ways last year after dissolving their Mo’Hit’s Records have, like grown men should, moved and put all differences behind. Earlier in the year, Don Jazzy and D’banj performed together at Do2un’s wedding to D’banj’s younger sister’s wedding. Last weekend, they hung out and shared a cigar at Ice Prince’s ‘Fire of Zamani’ concert.

Hours earlier, D’banj had raised dust on Twitter when he claimed Don Jazzy and himself ‘built the Industry of today’. ‘Always a good feeling hanging out with my broda from another mother @DONJAZZY made me remember what we built “The Industry today” HBD Bro!!‘, @iambbanj wrote on Twitter.

This ‘reunion’ can only mean on thing: More hits (no pun intended).

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