Helicopters drop food items, arms for Boko Haram members – Yobe elders say

unnamed Helicopters drop food items, arms for Boko Haram members   Yobe elders say
Former Minister of Finance, Mallam Adamu Ciroma; former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Ambassador Babagana Kingibe; elder statesman, Shetima Mustapha and other political leaders from Yobe and Borno state yesterday held a press conference in Abuja where they revealed that members of the Islamic sect were being supplied food, medicine and arms with helicopters and wondered why security agents and the state governments have kept mum on this fact.
The elders who met under the umbrella of “Borno Yobe Peoples Forum” wondered why the 20-hilux car convoys of Boko Haram members can move freely and execute their plans without being intercepted by security men who are supposed to monitor movement even with the curfew both states are placed on right now.
They also asked the government to tell Nigerians who directed security officials to leave the Federal Government College, Buni Yadi in Yobe State few hours before the sect members attacked and killed 59 young students last month. Hmmm…continue…
Air Vice Marshal Al-amin Daggash, a former Chief of Air Staff, who spoke on behalf of other elders said

“Are the authorities unaware of helicopters dropping arms and ammunition, food and medical supplies to areas well known to be strong holds of the insurgents? How were the insurgents able to attack the Maiduguri Air-Force Base and demobilise as well as burn planes and other military installations despite existing state of emergency and curfew in the town? How could 20 to 30 Toyota Hilux vehicles move in a convoy freely with subsisting curfew and still go undetected?

“How did a little band of rag-tag misguided youths metamorphose into a well-kitted, well-armed killing machine moving freely in convoy of vehicles and supported by helicopters.
“How did the Shilka Tank, a multipurpose self propelled anti-aircraft  artillery weapon, positioned to secure Giwa Barracks, fail to function resulting in heavy loss of lives of both civilian and military as widely reported in the media? Are we dealing with fifth columnists in this crisis?” he said.
The elders asked that the State of Emergency that the three Northeast states, Yobe, Adamawa and Borno, are currently experiencing should not be extended as it has failed to achieve the purpose for which it was first enforced. According to Daggash, 17,000 people have been killed with over 3million people displaced this year.

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