Rick Ross Just Got A Pretty Crazy Face Tattoo

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While face tats are fairly normal practice in the rap game, some definitely grab a little more attention than others. Of course, Gucci Mane‘s infamous ice cream cone– which was emblazoned on his cheek –rings a bell, and nowRick Ross has just got himself a slightly less alarming, but certainly very eye-catching new ink.

A new photo on Nikko Hurtado’s Instagram account shows us ross’s new tattoo, which happens to be the words “Rich Forever” written on his chin (square in the middle of his iconic beard, of course).

Hurtado’s caption reads:

Just tattooed @richforever the man him self! “Rich Forever” under his lip. Single needle action #MMGthanks for the hospitality bro. Honored to tattoo your face.

Rich Forever is the name of the rapper’s 2012 mixtape, and a phrase he has used as something of a mantra since the project’s release.

Take a look at the photo in the gallery above. What do you think?

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