Music: Busta Rhymes – Good Kisser (Remix)

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Busta Rhymes delivers a remix of Usher’s “Good Kisser”.

The “Good Kisser” remixes keep coming in fast and furious. Outside of the official Rick Ross version, many-a-rapper has taken on the instrumental– though Busta may be the first spitter to break out some melodies.

While rap and R&B are becoming increasingly harder to separate, with plenty of new artists singing as much as they rap. That being said, Bussa Bus is definitely of a different era, and we were not expecting him to start crooning mid-verse, but he pulls it off pretty damn well.

Overall, it certainly makes for one of the most memorable contributions to the song– of which there are plenty.

Quotable Lyrics:
I know how she want it
And she can’t stop ’til she get a chance to touch it
I know how she need it
And she can’t take the pressure when I…

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