Music: Soulja Boy – 0 To 100 (Freestyle)

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Soulja Boy gives Drake’s “0 To 100” a SODMG makeover.

Just a few hours ago, we heard Lil Durk offer up some bars on Drake’s “0 To 100,” but as it’s 2014, and less than a month after the newest Drake song came out, another big name has tackled the track within hours, naturally. Soulja Boy is the latest to go in on the most in-demand beat of the moment, delivering his “0 To 100” freestyle in, as they say, “real quick” succession to Durk’s version.

Unlike Durk, who opted to abbreviate the song, Soulja lets this one ride out to its full, 6+ runtime. He even leaves the track’s low-key second half intact, ad-libbing over James Blake’s distant vocals.

Quotable Lyrics:
Hop up out the foreign whip, everything looking lovely
Gold on my neck, all the bitches hug me
Walk inside the club, 50K for a walk-through
Blowin’ on dope and the bitches say they’d walk through

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