Word On The Street: Drake Vs. Lil Wayne

We take to the streets of NYC in another edition of “Word On The Street” and ask the ultimate “Drake Vs. Lil Wayne” questions.

Drake and Lil Wayne head on the road tonight for the anticipated “Drake Vs. Lil Wayne” tour. In celebration of the tour, Weezy F let go a new collabo featuring Drizzy, “Grindin.” On top of that, we’re doing a dope giveaway for tour tickets and TRUKFIT merch. So we’ve decided to do our latest “Word On The Street” segment in the Drizzy Vs. Weezy theme.

That means these random NYC strangers were asked various kinds of hypothetical Drake Vs. Wayne questions, i.e., who would win in a fight?, who has more ex-girlfriends? etc.

Watch above to see all the hilarious reactions.

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