Cooking: How to define a woman

When people say a woman that cannot cook will not be able to keep or get a good man what do they really mean?
Are you of the school of thought which believes that a woman’s cooking defines her?

%name Cooking: How to define a woman

Why do some men making cooking a criteria for picking a wife?like WTF!

I know a man who was looking for a wife amongst three girls,he dropped one of them because her food was salty,he told me personally that the only fault he food in her was her salty food and i asked him if he couldn’t talk to her about it and he says a ”woman who puts too much salt in her food will be very troublesome after child birth…”EXCUSE ME????
black woman cooking Cooking: How to define a woman

The second lady never cooks her beef soft enough to be chewed so he dropped her as well,also said she couldn’t make the beddings properly and ended up marrying the third one whom he thinks cooks well and today she orders the chief cook around in the kitchen and has not cooked for him in five

Men why do you look at marrying a woman who can cook as wife?does it really matter?
Hey everyone else,what is your take on this?

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