Kanye West Gives Fan With Prosthetic Leg A Pass To Remain Seated During His Show

Kanye West stopped a show in Sydney, Australia when he noticed a few fans were seated. After realizing those in question were either injured or disabled, he continued performing.

Kanye West looks for maximum crowd participation at his shows, recently calling for moshpits at his Made In America festival performance. During a concert in Sydney, Australia, Ye was looking for a similar level of engagement, stopping the show when he noticed a few fans weren’t standing during the triumphant, “Good Life”.

“I can’t do this song if there’s anybody in here sitting down,” he said, before half-jokingly saying “Unless you’re handicapped… I need you to pull out your handicapped parking slip right now.”

Turns out, the fans who weren’t standing had good reason not to be, with one reportedly using a wheelchair, while another held up a prosthetic leg (of which you can see a photo in the gallery above).

Ye was totally cool to continue once he knew they had a valid excuse for taking a seat, and launched right back into more music. Check out some footage of the moment below.

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