360nobs CEO, Noble Igwe, seriously lashed by ‘lover’

Noble Igwe 360nobs CEO, Noble Igwe, seriously lashed by lover

I was only taking a walk through Google when, suddenly, I stumbled on a certain post on nairaland.com that points at Noble Igwe of 360nobs.com. It was written by a certain Silverdam. I couldn’t keep it all to myself so I decided to share it with y’all. What y’all think?….


Popular Blogger Noble Igwe Is A Celebrity Wannabe, Fake, Borrow Freak, Debtor

I’m sure some of you might not know this man,
well I’m sure you know 360nobs very well; Noble
is the owner of the blog and he can like to attend
every event like this. Noble Igwe is a popular
blogger but not as popular Linda Ikeji sha.
According to some sources oo, which I am 100%
sure of this source, I was told if Noble Igwe owes
you money, you need 21 days dry fasting,
constant praying and the intervention of prayer
warriors and heavenly beings to get your money
According to my source:

“Noble was owing me and was going around
saying nasty things about me. I saw hell
before I got my money back. I had to ‘earn’
the money I gave to him through hardwork.
My own money o. Noble lives way above his
means and thinks too highly of himself.
Meanwhile he survives on freebies and
borrowed things. I have known Noble from
his days in Urban and regional planning
department UNEC and he was like that

Na everybody wan become celeb by all means, na
wa oo. Packaging tinz… Oga gan!


What do you think of this Silverdam guy?

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