Flavour is gay.

Glo ambassador, Flavour, has a bod that ladies can kill for. He’s built up his frame so well that what he has now is not just six packs, but what I call ‘amusement park’. I know it isn’t easy building up this kinda bod, anyone who possesses such may wanna show off a lil’, quite understandable.

For a while now, Mr N’abania has been bombing us with photos of his new acquisition, nobody complained because it’s a promo stunt. But recently, he’s started bombing us with naked or near naked photos that are no longer as interesting as it used to be. Could this be promo stunt or gay stunt? Are you showing off to your female fans or you’re showing off to your gay suitors? What exactly are you doing sir? Is this the new trend or just a new pattern from you? #IJustDeyWonder

See photos…

unnamed Flavour is gay.

%name Flavour is gay.

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0 Flavour is gay.

Oghene biko!

One thought on “Flavour is gay.

  • January 23, 2017 at 8:42 pm

    are u a gay if yes tell


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