BOKO HARAM: The untold story of Ibrahim Shekau’s whereabout.

 74753713 74752619 BOKO HARAM: The untold story of Ibrahim Shekaus whereabout.

Yesterday, it was reported that boko haram’s ring leader, Ibrahim Shekau, look-alike was killed in an attempt to re-gain control of the city of Konduga, Borno state. It was also reported that the alleged look-alike whose name is Bashir Mohammed is the original leader of the sect, and that he uses his predecessor Ibrahim Shekau’s name as a pseudo name. Now, you would ask, “predecessor?” Yes, predecessor. According to the DHQ, the original Ibrahim Shekau who led the sect after the fall of Mohammed Youssuf, the sect’s original founder, was killed last year by high-ranking members of the sect in a bid to take control of the affairs of the organization. What this means is that the Ibrahim Shekau that has graciously appeared on videos either sending out warnings, bragging or even displaying spoils is an imposter whose real name is Bashir Mohammed.

Finally, my questions are now that we know that Ibrahim Shekau is dead, hope there won’t be a second resurrection? Hope my dear brothers and sisters in the north can now go to bed with their eyes closed? Hope there won’t be a repeat of Nyanya bomb blast? Hope Maiduguri is safe from ‘invasion’? Hope my Chibok sisters will come back home? And lastly, hope President Jonathan can now concentrate on ways to alleviate the sufferings of the people.

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