Wande Coal: Until Thy Album Come?

%name Wande Coal: Until Thy Album Come?

Just like the Samuel Beckett’s 1953 play Waiting For Godot, we have been waiting for Wande Coal.

Wande Coal first wowed us in 2006 when he featured in D’Banj’s Rundown/Funk You Up album in singles like Why Me which happened to be a national anthem. As a member of the defunct Mo’hits empire, he played a striking role in the CV album and his single Ololufe can be said to be one of the greatest love songs of our time (if you are below 30).

In 2009, Wande released his debut album Mushin 2 Mo’hits with singles like Bumper2Bumper which was raving hot, and on every playlist the M2M was on repeat.

Wande’s M2M undoubtedly can be said to be one of the most, if not the most sold out commercial albums in the history of the Nigerian music industry. The debut got Coal carting away with 5 headies in the 2010 edition of Hip Hop World Awards.

Wande enjoyed a massive hit and this got him several features and he was like the “hook master”.

But after sometime, Wande went cold and our ears longed for him. There were hear says that Wande had a fall out with his Mo’hits bosses. Nobody danced to Bumper2Bumper anymore. Something new was needed and nothing was forth coming.

But before we could say Jack Robinson, the ebony dude was back with Been Long You Saw Me to address his absence in the industry. And other singles followed.

After the Mo’hits breakup there were reports that Wande would be releasing his sophomore album in June 2013 under the Mavin records. But later on, Wande parted ways with Mavin.

It’s almost 2015, close to 6 years after the debut and we are still waiting.

Godot never came, we hope Wande comes with an album before we get too bored.

Written by aL yhusuff

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