The Juice Podcast: Beyonce, Migos, ‘The Drake Effect’ & Kendrick Lamar

drake espy awards 2014 billboard 650 The Juice Podcast: Beyonce, Migos, The Drake Effect & Kendrick Lamar


Twitter was lit this week with talk of Beyoncé‘s platinum self-titled box set, Rihanna‘s return to Instagram, Migos, Kendrick Lamar and more.

For the 27th episode of The Juice Podcast, Rap Radar’s content director Brian “B.Dot” Miller and’s associate editor, Taj Rani join me to discuss this week’s trending topics in the R&B/hip-hop realm.

Rani shares her theories as to why the alleged Beyoncé re-release track list may not be as fake as reported, while B.Dot explains his rendition of “The Drake Effect.” He claims that if it wasn’t for Drake‘s co-sign, Migos’ “Versace” wouldn’t have blown up. (Personally, I think Migos’ “Versace” would’ve blown up, but Aubrey expedited the process.) What do you think?

Of course, there’s more; there’s always more on The Juice Podcast. Check out this week’s episode of The Juice Podcast and tell me what you think over on

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