Pop star hints that Dr. Sid was behind his breakup with Don Jazzy

In the celebrity interview series, D’Banj suggests that his former label mate led to the split between him and Don Jazzy.

It seems pop star D’Banj is about to open a can of worms in his interview with Olisa Adibua on the music interview programme on YouTube The Truth.

In the episode’s trailer, Olisa Adibua asked D’Banj straight up what caused the split of Mo’ Hits. The entertainer said “If I would really be truthful, maybe Dr. Sid.”

The full interview has not been released, but most likely it seems this interview with D’Banj will be a must watch for music fans in Nigeria.

Dr. Sid and D’Banj were under the Mo’ Hits label till the split in 2012. Dr. Sid followed Don Jazzy to his new set-up Mavin Records. In 2013, Don Jazzy produced Dr. Sid’s biggest single to date ‘Surulere’ off his second album Siduction.

You can watch the trailer below;

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