Woju Star, Kiss Daniel Talks ‘Woju’, Music, His Water Engineering Degree, NYSC & More

%name Woju Star, Kiss Daniel Talks ‘Woju’, Music, His Water Engineering Degree, NYSC & More

In a rareinterview, rising star Kiss Daniel real name Daniel Anidupe talked about his hit single Woju, his education at Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, NYSC program and more.

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On how he got the name “Kiss Daniel”;

I got the name when I was in school. I have a dimple in my cheek and in school, when you had dimples in both cheeks, you were called ‘Kisses’. Since I have just one, I was called ‘Kiss.’ Because there were other Daniels in school, the ladies added Kiss to my first name to tell me apart from the others. So, when I started music I decided to stick with the name.

On his Education

I am a graduate of Water Engineering from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State. My intent was to seek employment in a bank if music did not work out. But I tried music and it worked out for me. I am presently undergoing the mandatory National Youth Service Corps programme.


I still report at my place of primary assignment. I know what I want. NYSC is important; so is my career. I wanted to empower myself and I did not want to graduate and start searching for a job. God has been faithful and things fell in place for me. There is no clash at all. My boss at my PPA understands and he has been wonderful. I still do what I have to do. I teach English language, Mathematics and Physics.

On his hit single Woju

Woju is not my first song. I wrote it three years ago when I was in school, but I recorded it a few months ago. It was inspired by some of the good songs I listened to. When I listen to songs like that, I strive to make something that would sound better. Sometimes, I get inspiration by just sitting and hearing tunes play in my head.

On his Water Engineering degree

My certificate is intact. I still need it for endorsements. I also intend to do some business, so it will come in handy. Moreover, I have to show my kids proof that I went to school.

On his life since singing Woju

A lot has changed about me. My professional career started on May 1, 2014 and since then, I have received numerous favours from people. God has been good and some A-list artistes have commended and supported me as well.

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