Jay Z & Beyonce Have Paid “Tens Of Thousands” In Protestors’ Bail Money


Social activist dream hampton claims Jay Z & Beyonce have (quietly) donated huge sums to the resistance movements in Ferguson & Baltimore.

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Filmmaker, writer, and social critic dream hampton (who writes her name in all lowercase) took to social media to defend Jay Z and Beyonce against claims that the couple has remained silent in the midst of protests in Ferguson and Baltimore.

Apparently, hampton called Jay and Bey while she was on the front lines in both Ferguson and Baltimore, and, in both incidents, the Carters immediately wired her “tens of thousands” to cover protestors’ bail costs. She also said the Carters donated huge sums to the Black Lives Matter foundation and that their other contributions are “too many to list.”

She followed her tweets in defense of the Carters by saying the state’s financial power over protestors is one of the biggest hindrances to resistance movements: “When they fine and arrest people for protesting, more opportunities for exploitation by the state are possible with each encounter.”

You can see the full series of tweets, which have since been deleted, in the above gallery

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