Snoop Dogg’s Birthday Party Evacuated Following Fire In The Club

Flaming decorations falling from the ceiling of Snoop Dogg’s party ended the night early.

snoop 300x233 Snoop Doggs Birthday Party Evacuated Following Fire In The Club


Snoop Dogg‘s 44th birthday party looked a whole lot like Nelly‘s “Hot In Herre” video, as a lively fire began on the ceiling of the club last night. According to TMZ, the flames began when Halloween decorations hanging above guests started to overheat.

As seen in the video below, pieces of the decorations began to fall to the floor (didn’t Snoop write a song about this?), and while it’s been reported that the damage was minimal, we can see why the celebration could not continue. Apparently, Snoop was just about to perform when all this went down.

Snoop won’t let his birthday be ruined by some spontaneous combustion, so he’s rescheduling the event for a later date.

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