Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Seem To Take Shots At Each Other On Instagram

Some way or another it was altogether roused by Jay-Z’s “4:44.”

1498932510 79e1df7d0a4701a6475376086b37fa0f Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Seem To Take Shots At Each Other On Instagram

There are positively a few collections that could motivate you to lash out at your ex, however we didn’t think Jay-Z’s redemptive new LP 4:44 would be one of them. It creates the impression that Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have traded some subliminal shots over Instagram, and it begun with a Nicki subtitle enlivened by Jay’s Tidal restrictive.

Making reference to Jay’s vow to “never go Eric Benet” and lose the “baddest girl in the world,” Nicki threw out some advice of her own. “Oh so u n***az gon sit up here & act like #Wifeyaint BEEN telly’all 1. Don’t lose the baddest girl in the world. #EricBenet 2. Stop throwing money ya ass ain’t really got. 3. Stop posting them tired stacks on the gram oh but when Jay say it it’s #bible tho… We ain’t BEEN dropping jewels on this n***az behind closed doors?” she wrote in a post that some assumed to be directed at Meek. Judging by the Philly rapper’s since-deleted post, he was among them.

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Meek shared what seemed to be a response to Nicki’s remarks shortly thereafter, calling out “fake b***es,” before seemingly making some threats in his hashtags. “Fake skin color… fake weaves…. fake ass … fake mileage … fake nails…. fake friends etc … can somebody speak up,” he wrote. “When you finally see them without everything on n***as be sick forreal #dontmakeme #youknowimsavage #howdareyou.”

Of course, no names were used within either caption. While Meek’s post has been deleted, Nicki’s remains. Read the full posts above.

This is not the first time the rappers have clashed since their breakup last year. In May, Meek seemed to diss Nicki on a track from his Meekend Music EP. The two have also been observed taking indirect jabs at one another on Instagram in the past.

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