[Video]: Watch People Get Pranked With Fake Names For Jay-Z & Beyoncé’s Twins

1499867939 237d8b86a8d5352ab842cbc8d992e8f9 [Video]: Watch People Get Pranked With Fake Names For Jay Z & Beyoncés Twins

Bed, Bath and Beyond-cé.

Individuals will accept pretty much anything they listen, particularly with regards to the names of Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s infant twins.

A current piece on Jimmy Kimmel Live utilized this guilelessness to great impact, as they solicited arbitrary bystander in the city from Los Angeles to give a congrats message to Jay and Bey on the most current increments to their family. There was one little catch, notwithstanding none of the names that were given to the individuals who got on camera were genuine.

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