Reps investigate killing of 97 Nigerians by Cameroonian soldiers


Nigeria House of Representatives Reps investigate killing of 97 Nigerians by Cameroonian soldiers

The House of Representatives on Thursday summoned the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Godfrey Onyeama, over the alleged killing of 97 Nigerians by Cameroonian Gendarmes.

The soldiers were said to have murdered the Nigerians, who resided in the part of the Bakassi Peninsula ceded to Cameroon by the Nigerian Government.

The House gave the directive as it ordered an investigation into the incident.

It will be conducted by the House Committee on Foreign Relations, which is chaired by Nnnena Ukeje.

A motion by a member from Ondo State, Mr. Babatunde Kolawole, had prompted the House resolution at its session presided over by the Speaker, Mr. Yakubu Dogara, in Abuja.

He informed the House that what led to the alleged killing was the inability of the Nigerians to pay a fishing fee of N100,000 charged on their boats by the Cameroonian authorities.

Leading the debate, Kolawole said, “Last week, there were several media reports that 97 Nigerians were killed in Bakassi by Cameroonian Gendarmes because they could not afford a N100,000.

“This is in spite of the clauses in the Green Tree Agreement signed between Nigerian and the Cameroonian Government, which protect our citizens in the ceded areas from harm.

“Apart from this recent attacks, there have been reports of harassment, rape and killing of Nigerians by the Gendarmes over the years with the Nigerian government seemingly doing little or nothing to stop it.

“If nothing is done to stop this ugly development, other Nigerian lives would be at stake as the Gendarmes may continue to kill Nigerians at will without fear of recriminations.”

The motion immediately agitated lawmakers, who reacted in disbelief and condemned the act.

One member from Adamawa, Mr. Adamu Kamale, told the House that the failure of Cameroon to keep to the terms of the Green Tree Agreement had remained a constant source of tension along its borders with Nigeria.

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