1501162871 a1629863596dac7005f19ee4b00416fa A New Jersey Rock Group Named 4:44 Have Released An EP Titled Jay Z“This is an indecent advertising method.”Discuss profiting off of what’s slanting.As per The Key, New Jersey prog shake equip named 4:44 have given all craftsmen a lesson in sagacious promoting strategies by discharging an EP titled – you got it – Jay-Z. The venture’s cover craftsmanship even incorporates the expression “This is an improper promoting strategy,” most likely so anybody partnered with Roc Nation doesn’t take the joke the wrong way.

Their music is a greater amount of the stick session assortment, with a few the tracks being better than average in case you’re into that vein of music. Hov and his reps haven’t made an official reaction to 4:44’s new EP, yet the rapper’s prominent has absolutely paid profits for these Jersey young men.

You can look at their music underneath.