WOOOOW!!! Coming to a place where I eventually unburden this has been hard.. its taken me a long while to heal and I’m still recovering from this life shocker. I didn’t realise are such great pretenders. As in ehn, Nollywood fit use with some of my former paddy them. The way dem take pretend for long ehn? Shock sef no be the word to describe am!!!  when you think someone has been a friend for so long they now qualify to be family??? but then alas, big something happen that they all show their true colours???

Mary and I have been friends for a very long time. The kind friendship weh be say we two each other go to girl!! i really trusted her, I believed she had my best intentions at heart… little did I know that this wasn’t the case.. she been de wait for right time to do watin de her mind… a day came tho, the deed had been done.. a deal had gone wrong between her cousin and me.. she no care for my own side.. she accused me wrong and blocked me afterwards..

Anthony as well and I have also been childhood friends and neighbours.. went to the same church and all… he was my brother literally!!! now I had always had some ray of fear as to how real how friendship because of the deeper feud that had existed. My fear was confirmed when even two months after a life event happened to me and he hadn’t called nor texted but he has been active all around social media.

The koko about letting go for this kind thing na MEMORIES!!! Literally!!! I can’t as I’m sure you’ll be able to relate deal with the memories we made growing up!!! The secrets una don talk!!! Na just one way I’ve learnt to control it… I talk CONTROL because yes e go take long to completely forget about them.. You fit control them by praying and consciously making an effort to see less of these sorts of people!!! Make you no forget to shine your eye well well for future… you need to pray for God given friends and don’t forget everyone has their time and purpose in their life!!!

Letting go and letting God work his way in your life, work, friendships just puts you more at peace.

Thanks for reading.

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