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Believe it or not… e de very possible to make mistake when praying…

As Christians, we often believe we pray right but then if na the right way you de pray.. why you never see some tangible results.

For the next two days I go de yarn on top some mistakes wey be see we fit de make as we de pray.. just read and no forget to comment but remember to put them into practise..

  1. We always assume say we know how to pray.. so we no de wan continue to learn but this is wrong because we should always be willing to learn and keep learning how to pray. Learn from family and friends wey you don see say God has answered their prayers. Learn from your bible…
  2. hypocrisy – we de always pretend say we be watin we no be… make we always tell us ourselves the truth.. if you don’t know how to pray, say so… if you have become less prayerful, say so and if na say you just can’t be bothered, say so!!! Spiritual matters real oo so and you can’t pretend through them. Flush out hypocrisy!! e de deadly!!!
  3. Replacing prayer groups with individual groups – we de always hide una the shadow of praying with friends or family but if you no fit pray by yourself ehn… e mean say you are in big trouble!!! Matthew 6:6 confirms it!! Also, in Luke 22:40-42 we see that Jesus left the company of His disciples to and pray. Don’t take individual prayer times for granted!! Great things happen during this time.

More prayer mistakes tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

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