Tiny Defends T.I.’s Integrity After Fan Calls Him “Cheater”

1501602195 be17b0078f57b1cf5028bb3a52b8c71e Tiny Defends T.I.s Integrity After Fan Calls Him Cheater

Little Harris is ride or bite the dust.

Both T.I. and Tiny Harris brought a nostalgic outing through a world of fond memories to pay tribute to their seventh commemoration. In the midst of twirling gossipy tidbits about separation and compromise, the ardent presents appear on demonstrate that the couple’s conjugal status is recuperating. In any case, when you’re encompassed by fan love, there will dependably be those attempting to tear you down. On Tiny’s Instagram post, one hater unmitigatedly tackled Tiny, expressing “”Too awful it was to no end and he duped.” On her commemoration no less.

Indeed, Tiny was having none of that rubbish, shooting a striking back shot of her own. “As your man most likely tricking at the present time!” answered Tiny. “Grow up and understand that loathe out of your blood!”

While this doesn’t precisely affirm that Tip and Tiny are getting back together, it indicates that despite everything they have each other’s back. What does the future have in store for one of hip-jump’s most loved couples?


tiny Tiny Defends T.I.s Integrity After Fan Calls Him Cheater

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