CELEBRATION OF AN ICON “Alh Abdul Rahman Ajayi”.

IMG 20171028 WA0012 576x1024 CELEBRATION OF AN ICON Alh Abdul Rahman Ajayi.

Congratulations on your election with the highest honour of banking profession, Fellow of chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (FCIB). Sir, before this honour, your contributions to the institute and banking industry as whole was invaluable; you have produced over 600 Chartered bankers,It is on record that no lecture centre matched Epitoney success in producing the highest number of students that qualified in a diet, the highest number of students that pass in a diet, and the best students in a diet. This you have maintained since 2008 to date. You have written several books among which are:
The term Accounting; volume one by Ajayi Rahman,
International Finance study pack, international Trade and Finance, Bank Lending & Credit Administration; Principles & Concepts, Principle &Practice of Risk Management to mention but a few.

Ajayi Rahman Olabode aka babaoo, allaxis as fondly called
M.sc finance,M.sc
Fellow Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria(FCIB)
Associate Members Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria(ACA)
Associate member Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria(ACTI)
Associate member, Risk Management Association of Nigeria (ARIMAN)

M.D/Chairman Epitoney Investment Nig Ltd,

Principal Partner, Rahman Ajayi & Co( Chartered Accountant, tax Practitioner and Financial management & Consultant)
Surely, it is an honour well deserved.

An Epitome of knowledge, an inimitable sagacity, a scholastic scholar and paradigm of humility.

We are proud of you. You have made Ajayi’s proud, you have made Ogun State proud, you have made Yewa proud, you have made Imasai proud.

Ajayi ogidiolu, onikanga ajipon, obumi osuruweda, eniajayi gba tiolegbatan obaluaye in gba oluware, Ajayi towelodo to gbgogbo omoge yowo ose, tiwoni teminiogba temi ni omu.

Congratulations sir…

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IMG 20171028 WA0010 576x1024 CELEBRATION OF AN ICON Alh Abdul Rahman Ajayi.

IMG 20171028 WA0011 576x1024 CELEBRATION OF AN ICON Alh Abdul Rahman Ajayi.

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