STYLSLAYER – (dance, in my case) | Music: “Rain” by @luralphmuzicbox. 

Capture 2 STYLSLAYER   (dance, in my case) | Music: Rain by @luralphmuzicbox. 

This was quite tricky to achieve because I had to dance backward with speed in such a way that every single move I make is so detailed that-when reversed in slow motion to what you now see i.e me slowly dancing forward from being wet/dirty in the beginning to being fresh/clean at the end and all other activities in between-it has to be in sync with the lyrics/instrumentals of the song without playing the song itself backwards, showing that dance, just like mathematics, is also the language of the universe. Hence, to always win, no matter the weather/situation is to always do you (dance, in my case) through it all and keep paying it forward!
Music: “Rain” by @luralphmuzicbox.


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